Episode 105 – The Science of Dads – Part 2

The Pop duo are back with Part 2 of the Science of Dads with Dr. Rakesh Kapur. In Part 1, Dr. Rakesh shared with the Pops, the biological changes that happen in a man’s body while his wife is pregnant and men also get morning sickness.  He also spoke about the importance of a father’sContinue reading “Episode 105 – The Science of Dads – Part 2”

Episode 104 – The Science of Dads – Part 1

Dr. Kapur passionately advocates the significance of a father’s role in raising his child. Through his own research and other material, he explained to the Pops how the child’s upbringing is impacted by the father’s constant presence. He had so much to share that the Pops decided to split this episode into two parts.

Episode 103 – Always remember Movember

The views expressed on this episode are of an expert, it is not a substitute for medical advice. Listeners are encouraged to seek medical advice before taking up any new treatment. Please seek professional medical advice. This month is observed as Movember around the world. Men grow moustaches during the month of November to raiseContinue reading “Episode 103 – Always remember Movember”

Episode 101 – Celebrating Festivals in 2021

Last year, 2020, Peter Pop and Nadir Pop did a two part special on celebrating festivals during a pandemic you can check it out here – Part 1 & Part 2. The modern world was experiencing this for the first time and everyone was being, their own version of, cautious.   Now in 2021, we areContinue reading “Episode 101 – Celebrating Festivals in 2021”

Episode 100 – Something Special

After close to 2 years, numerous emails, lots of late night recording sessions, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are here with the 100th episode.  This episode is special, you’ve heard the wives and many other guests and experts, so the Pops decided to feature the direct inspiration behind the podcast, the reason why they startedContinue reading “Episode 100 – Something Special”

Episode 99 – Entrepreneur Parents – Pritesh Asher (Juicy Chemistry)

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are back with another episode of Entrepreneur Parents. On this episode they speak to Pritesh Asher from Juicy Chemistry. Juicy Chemistry was founded by Pritesh and his wife Megha in 2014. Over the past 7 years they have built a product line of 100% organic skin care. Pritesh looks afterContinue reading “Episode 99 – Entrepreneur Parents – Pritesh Asher (Juicy Chemistry)”

Episode 98 – Parenting in Films – The Namesake

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are back with a new episode of Parenting in Films. They last discussed the Netflix movie, Fatherhood back in July. The next movie is a Hollywood one that features actor Irfan in the lead role. This is the 3rd movie that the Pop duo have featured in this series.  TheContinue reading “Episode 98 – Parenting in Films – The Namesake”

Podcast Recommendations 2021

It’s International Podcast Day! Peter Pop and Nadir Pop are back with new podcast recommendations. Nadir Pop’s picks Stories From Among the Stars. Nadir is a huge sci-fi reader and when he discovered The Three Body problem in audio format by Chinese author Liu Cixin, he binge heard it in less than a week. It’sContinue reading “Podcast Recommendations 2021”

Episode 97 – Celebrating podcasts

International Podcast Day is a couple days away and Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are here with the last episode of podcast month on Pops in a Pod. There have been some really insightful conversations on podcasting in India over the last few weeks, do check out all the episodes as part of Podcast month.Continue reading “Episode 97 – Celebrating podcasts”

Episode 96 – Creating Fiction Podcasts with Mantra

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are back with another episode as part of Podcast month. 30th of September is International Podcast Day and just like they celebrated Father’s Month in June this year, the Pop Duo are this month celebrating podcasts. They are going to speak to fellow podcasters and professionals from the podcasting worldContinue reading “Episode 96 – Creating Fiction Podcasts with Mantra”