EP 47 – Engaging Kids – Online Content Pops in a Pod

One of the biggest challenges for parents recently being housebound and also working from home has been engaging kids. This month, the Pop duo have produced a four-part series under the theme of ENGAGING KIDS. Each part/episode will cover the following topics – play time, books, online content and music. In the third part of the series Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are joined again by Vaishali Sudan Sharma and another enterprising mom and communication professional Natasha Kini to discuss online content and the importance of regulating screen time. Nadir currently leads the Business Development division at a digital agency. Prior to this Nadir spent a decade in video content production – producing, directing, writing and development  www.linkedin.com/in/nadir-kanthawala-47249814/  Peter is a marketing guy. He has a decade experience with companies ranging from startups to public listed companies. http://www.linkedin.com/in/peterkotikalapudi  Get in touch with the Pops on popsinapod@gmail.com Follow Pops In A Pod on  Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/popsinapod/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/popsinapod
  1. EP 47 – Engaging Kids – Online Content
  2. EP 46 – Engaging Kids – Music
  3. EP 45 – Engaging Kids – Play time
  4. EP 44 – Online education – The Journey so far with Rohit Sarma
  5. EP 43 – Entrepreneur Parent – Shradha Sud – Mama Couture
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