Ep 75 – Women in Tech – Pooja Goyal

Come May every year like clockwork social media will be abuzz with posts about Mother’s Day. The typical communication ranging from glorifying mother’s as the “great life-giving beings in one’s lives” and guilting about how one cannot forget all the hardships that a mother has gone through to protect and provide. This happens for oneContinue reading “Ep 75 – Women in Tech – Pooja Goyal”

Episode 22 – Mother’s Day Special Learnings from Mom

The less we write about the better. Peter Pop and Nadir Pop have paid a sort of a tribute to their moms. In the second and final part of Mother’s Day Special we talk about the learnings that we took from our respective mums and how we plan to pass it on to our ownContinue reading “Episode 22 – Mother’s Day Special Learnings from Mom”